This Is True Temper Lacrosse



We surround the player. We understand the player. We’re invested in growing the game.


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We LISTEN to the player's unmet needs.

We are FEARLESS in our designs of game-changing equipment.

We CARE about growing the sport of lacrosse to a wider audience and more players.

The New Lacrosse Brand with 100+ Years of History

If you’re a golfer, you’ve likely heard of True Temper — the most trusted name in golf shafts worldwide, used by more PGA TOUR professionals than all other brands combined.

What you may not realize is that there’s a significant chance you’ve used their lacrosse equipment as well. For years, True Temper carved a path into the lacrosse world by developing equipment for some of the biggest brands in the sport.

What started as an exploration quickly turned into a powerful force. When athletes around the world applauded the shaft performance, True Temper decided it was time to step out from behind the curtain.

In 2015, TRUE Sports Lacrosse was born, and the path created became a little wider.

With a start-up mentality rooted in the knowledge of how to make game-changing equipment, TRUE made a splash in the growing lacrosse market and quickly became known for high-performance composite handles.

And now, the new lacrosse brand that isn’t so new after all is going back to its heritage. TRUE Sports Lacrosse is now True Temper Lacrosse — a nod to the brand’s 100+ year tradition of building the best performance-enhancing equipment across multiple sports.


In each sport, the focus has always been the same: elevating the athlete’s performance. It only made sense to join all of True Temper’s brands under its established name. With an underdog mentality and winning heritage, True Temper Lacrosse will push the boundaries in the sport of lacrosse.

Engineers at True Temper’s Center for Sports Technology And Research (CSTAR) in San Diego, California, move quickly yet meticulously to produce products that redefine what is possible in each sport.

The CSTAR team has recently turned out products like the new Zerolyte and Cadet shoulder pads that meet the new NOCSAE commotio cordis performance standard (ND200) for lacrosse and the athlete's demands for fit and performance. They also used their knowledge to create high-performance heads like HZRDUS, VEKTR and the women’s LYNX with more exciting products in the pipeline.

100 years.

That’s a long time.

True Temper may have over 100 years of creating the best equipment in the world … but in Lacrosse, we are just getting started. 



At the center of our product design and development is our Center for Sports Technology and Research (CSTAR).

Located in sunny San Diego, this multi-sport reserach and development lab combines engineers, play testers, designers and developers under one building with one singular mission - to literally change the game with the next generation of equipment.

Our lacrosse development team has access to the latest robotic testing equipment, high speed cameras and motion capture systems, and advanced prototype equipment that allows us to create, test and iterate on our ideas. All of this is done in-house with direct feedback from our pros and play testers.


The ultimate decision whether a product goes to market lies with the player. That's why we prototype and test all of our designs on field with players of all levels, so we can learn and improve based on real game situations.

The confidence in our designs does not come from a lab - it comes from being validated by the player. If the player loves it, we have something good.

For your chance to join our True Tester program and to work with our R&D team on the next generation of lacrosse gear, click "apply" now.