Men's HZRDUS Composite Lacrosse Stick


A perfectly balanced complete stick for the elite lacrosse player. This setup comes with a ProStiff HZRDUS head for increased consistency and power on shots with a Prostiff Composite handle for maximum energy transfer to the ball when shooting.

  • Head - HZRDUS Prostiff design that consistently channels the ball down the center of the pocket for increased control and consistency.
  • Handle: Prostiff HZRDUS Composite handle was designed for maximum energy transfer when shooting for maximum power.
  • Mesh: Pocket comes strung with Tufflight 10 diamond, ultralight, semi-soft mesh for quick break-in and great pocket feel when cradling.
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Technology & Features


Torsion Rail technology is engineered to give the head peak performance stiffness while allowing the head to remain lightweight


Innovative flex profile designed for the professional/elite player with a stiff flex to promote consistency and optimal accuracy when passing and shooting


MID Scoop Angle heads have a scoop angle range between 20°-40°. These scoops are designed for players approaching ground balls on the run with a traditional approach angle

*Variances in the actual weight of the product versus the labeled approximate weight of the product may occur as the actual product weight may vary for numerous reasons, including without limitation manufacturing tolerances, performance considerations, cosmetics, packaging, post manufacturing modifications/additions (such as pocket stringing, screw, or handle endo), and/or other reasons.


More Information
Length 30 in. Handle (40 in. complete stick length)
Model No. LAX-20-HZ-CS-A30-WH
Mesh Type Mesh
Mesh Construction Tufflight 10D
LAX Head Flex ProStiff
LAX Head Color White
LAX Handle Shape_in 1" standard size
LAX Handle Type Composite
Handle Color White
LAX Handle Finish Fine Texture + Raised Constrictor
LAX Handle Flex Prostiff
Player Type All Around, Offense, Attack, Outside Shooter, Inside Shooter
Position Attack, Midfielder, Offensive Midfield
Recommended Age Youth, Adult/HS