RADAR Pro-Strung Goalie Lacrosse Head


Introducing the all new RADARTM goalie head from True Temper. This head was designed to stop anything that the offense can throw at it. The super-stiff Thick Wall sidewall design keeps the head in position and prevents bending on hard shots. The scoop has a slight back bend that allows the ball to smoothly transition out of the pocket on outlet passes for a consistent release every time. The pro-strung pocket optimizes the sidewall holes with the perfect stringing pattern to create a deep pocket that is ready to go on day one. Legal for play in both men’s and women’s lacrosse. The RADARTM goalie head is ready to ruin some people’s day.


  • PRO STRUNG POCKET: Strung with a pro strung pocket for maximum pocket depth and a perfect center channel that creates a smooth release out of the stick on outlet passes.

  • MAX STIFFNESS = PREVENTS BENDING: Featuring Thick Wall design with thicker sidewall rails for maximum stiffness along the length of the head that prevent bending on hard shots.

  • PERFORMANCE BACK-BEND SCOOP: The all-new Back-Bend ScoopTM prevents too much whip on outlet passes and helps the ball smoothly and consistently transition out of the pocket.

  • THE PERFECT CHANNEL: The strategically placed sidewall holes allow you to string a super deep pocket and a perfect center channel.

  • ELITE LEVEL GOALIES: This elite level head was designed to perform at the highest levels of the game and is legal for play in both men’s and women’s lacrosse.

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Technology & Features


Built with our proprietary (UL) Ultralight Composite layup making this one of the lightest performance composite lacrosse shafts available in the market.


Strategically placed at the bottom section of the DYNAMICTM shaft to mimic the feel of tape and provide more bottom hand control when cradling and dodging.


Clean design with gold accents to help you and your game stand out on field.


*Variances in the actual weight of the product versus the labeled approximate weight of the product may occur as the actual product weight may vary for numerous reasons, including without limitation manufacturing tolerances, performance considerations, cosmetics, packaging, post manufacturing modifications/additions (such as pocket stringing, screw, or handle endo), and/or other reasons.


More Information
Weight* 12 oz.
Model No. LAX-22-HDS-RDR-S-WH
Color White
Mesh Construction Semi-soft Mesh
LAX Head Flex Max Stiffness
LAX Head Color White
Player Type Goalie
Position Goalie
Recommended Age Adult/HS