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Technology & Features


Precision etch sidewall design perfectly tuned for maximum power and consistent release.


Medium stiffness profile for improved pocket feel and maximum ball control in the stick


HIGH Scoop Angle heads have a scoop angle range between 40°-80°. These scoops are designed for aggressive players who are scooping on the run and in tight quarters

*Variances in the actual weight of the product versus the labeled approximate weight of the product may occur as the actual product weight may vary for numerous reasons, including without limitation manufacturing tolerances, performance considerations, cosmetics, packaging, post manufacturing modifications/additions (such as pocket stringing, screw, or handle endo), and/or other reasons.


More Information
Weight* 4.7 oz.
Model No. LAX-20-VEK-HDS-S-WH
Color White
Mesh Type Mesh
Mesh Construction 9 Diamond Mesh Material: HEX Diamond Shape/Semi-Soft
LAX Head Flex Smartflx
LAX Head Color White
Player Type All Around, Offense, Attack, Inside Shooter
Position Attack, Midfielder, Offensive Midfield
Recommended Age Adult/HS