ZEROLYTE Defense handle is built for the transition defender. The LSM looking to push the ball up the field and score.

  • With POWERFLX tecnnology the handle helps to withstand checks and also give players a higher level of power on their shots.
  • Built with ultralight materials to entable a 15% lighter, 4% stronger handle than the Comp 4.0 this is the ultimate handle for the LSM. 
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Technology & Features


Ultralight COMP UL technology allows us to make a stick that's 15% lighter yet 4% stronger than our COMP 4.0 design.


The PowerFlx flex profile absorbs impact and gives you more pocket feel when cradling, dodging and shooting.



Extended protection to the elbow cap with high density foam in a key slash zone.

*Variances in the actual weight of the product versus the labeled approximate weight of the product may occur as the actual product weight may vary for numerous reasons, including without limitation manufacturing tolerances, performance considerations, cosmetics, packaging, post manufacturing modifications/additions (such as pocket stringing, screw, or handle endo), and/or other reasons.


More Information
Weight* 315g
Length 60 in.
Color Silver
LAX Handle Shape_in 1" standard size
LAX Handle Type Comp UL Ultralight Construction
Handle Color Silver
LAX Handle Finish Fine Texture
LAX Handle Flex Powerflx
Player Type Defense
Recommended Age Adult/HS

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