Golf FAQs

Where can I obtain replacement shaft band labels?

  • We offer shaft band labels for current shafts with adhesive labels and have limited stock for older shaft labels. The price is $10 for 15 labels. There is a limited stock for older shaft labels. COMPLETE REQUEST FORM BELOW
  • Some of our golf shafts have transitioned to Heat Transfer labels and cannot be replaced. These include, the AMT family, Dynamic Gold 120, Dynamic Gold 105, Tour Issue Shafts, Project X IO, Project X LZ, and Project X LS.

What is the Warranty on my golf shaft?

  • Our shafts have a limited warranty that covers breakage on current line shafts purchased from an authorized dealer that is not attributed to misuse. Customers should return to their point of sale for all warranty claims.
  • Current line shafts include any shaft listed on our website but excludes all shafts in the Retired Models section.

Where can I find trimming instructions for my golf shaft?

  • Our trimming guides can be obtained by selecting the link under the shafts spec web page. For older models, you can email and we would be happy to assist you.

How can I tell if the shaft that I bought is authentic?

  • To ensure authenticity, the best practice is to purchase from a True Temper Authorized Retailer. If you, do you purchase from a non-authorized retailer and are questionable about the authenticity, you can email pictures to for verification.

How can I become an Authorized Retailer for True Temper Sports?

  • If you are interested in selling True Temper products in your shop or fitting center, we offer a couple of options depending on the nature of your business. Please email to learn more about becoming an Authorized Retailer.

What is Hard Stepping or Soft Stepping a Golf Shaft?

  • Hard Stepping and Soft Stepping is well explained in our True Temper School video on our YouTube channel. See the video now ->

Can True Temper Sports fit me for golf shafts?

  • We are not able to fit a golfer by phone/email. A golfer should see a professional fitter, but we are pleased to provide comparisons between shafts and suggest a couple of shafts based on information that you provide.

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