Project X Undercurrent Attack Lacrosse Shaft


Undercurrent Shafts feature an endload technology to help give more power to the shooter. This counter balanced technology enables players to average 5-7% more power on their shots.

  • 50g carbon steel alloy insert embedded in butt end of stick
  • Keeps handle balanced when cradling & increases shot speed


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Technology & Features


Designed to increase shot speed, the Undercurrent handle uses Endload Technology to counterbalance the stick making it feel lighter while being easier to handle.


The 50g carbon steel allow insert placed at the bottom of the handle counterbalances the weight of the ball in your stick making it feel lighter giving you more power on your shots


The industry's first counterbalanced handle makes the complete stick feel lighter by placing the majority of the weight near your hands rather than the head of the stick when passing and shooting.

*Variances in the actual weight of the product versus the labeled approximate weight of the product may occur as the actual product weight may vary for numerous reasons, including without limitation manufacturing tolerances, performance considerations, cosmetics, packaging, post manufacturing modifications/additions (such as pocket stringing, screw, or handle endo), and/or other reasons.


More Information
Weight* 190g with 50g Endload
Length 30 in.
Color White
Handle Diameter 1" standard size
Handle Color White
Handle Finish Fine Texture
Handle Flex Powerflx
Handle Concave Round
Player Type All Around, Attack
Recommended Age Adult/HS

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  1. Feels like my stick is faster
    With the weight in the endo I feel like I can swing my stick faster, so far I really like it.

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  2. Balance Point in my stick
    I wasn't sure if this would actually work but when you put a head on this handle it changes how you feel the weight in the stick. Before my stick was really top heavy, especially with a ball, not it feels more balanced. Pretty cool idea

    Reviewed by