The precision shooter's stick. Improved flex profile - optimized for accuracy: Improved flex profile for easy loading, resulting in accurate quick release shots.

  • Engineered for control with new XCORE Gen 2 technology
  • BRT+ Blade Technology is designed for durability.
  • Gloss grip shaft finish with matte blade
  • Square corner double concave shaft

Featuring our new XCORE Gen 2 insert and a sweet spot that’s 3X larger than its predecessor, the XC9 ACF produces greater puck control and shooting accuracy. Our XCORE Gen 2 insert has been redesigned and redistributed within the middle of the blade. With a 3 X larger sweet spot, the new insert provides increased absorption and dampens the initial puck impact for greater feel and accuracy. By introducing our BRT+ technology, we’ve produced a lighter, more durable blade, allowing us to distribute weight into the shaft for extreme impact strength and improved stick durability.

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Technology & Features



The above chart is a guide that will help position each player with the right stick. However, there may be instances where the suggestions are not applicable to an individual player for a number of reasons. We strongly encourage all consumers to consult their local authorized TRUE retail staff who can help validate final stick choice for each individual players needs.


  • By strategically repositioning the insert, our new XCORE Gen 2 technology creates a sweet spot that is 3X LARGER than its predecessor.
  • The repositioned and redesigned insert provides increased absorption, dampening the impact for greater puck control when stick handling and receiving passes.
  • Our larger, more responsive insert provides players with a wider sweet spot, ensuring optimal puck spin and a clean puck trajectory for unmatched shooting ACCURACY.



The 2020 AX9 incorporates our patented BRT+ technology in the blade design for a stronger, lighter blade with increased heel durability – outperforming its predecessor in strength and consistency.


More Information
Weight* 315g
Color Black
Stick Length 44 in.
Model Family XC9
Flex Pattern 20
Curve TC2.5

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