AX9 features an optimized low kick shaft profile for lightning quick, explosive shots in our highest performing, most impressive design to date. Lightning quick release!

  • Lightning quick release with low kick-point: Flex point in the bottom third of the shaft near the hosel for ease in loading and lightning quick release on wrist and snapshots.
  • Features game changing FiberSHIELD resin technology for greater durability with a 5% weight reduction and optimized balance point.
  • By dispersing low-density nanoparticles throughout the blade and shaft, the AX9 yields greater overall durability while reducing weight and optimizing balance.
  • Soft gloss grip shaft with matte blade.
  • Square corner double concave shaft.
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Technology & Features




The TRUE UFLEX hockey stick lineup is designed to help junior players of varying weights and heights select the proper flex that will allow them to maximize performance and playability of the stick. Choosing the right stick from four flex ratings -  each with an optimized length for different heights and weights - makes selecting the right stick simple.



SmartPly is a process by which fiber angles, and the order of those angles, are optimized in up to 25 layers of unidirectional carbon fiber in a single shaft. SmartPly technology creates the perfect marriage between weight, balance, and industry-leading impact strength.



The 2020 AX9 incorporates our patented BRT+ technology in the blade design for a stronger, lighter blade with increased heel durability – outperforming its predecessor in strength and consistency.

*The stated weight of the stick is not intended to, and should not be relied upon to, calculate the actual weight of the stick. Variances may result in the actual weight of the stick for numerous reasons; including, and without limitation, manufacturing tolerances, the endcap weight, the length of the stick, the blade pattern and stiffness of the stick, performance considerations, cosmetics, packaging, any post manufacturing modifications / additions (such as the grip, knob sticker, or consumer packaging), and/or other reasons.


More Information
Player Type Player
Weight* 430g
Color Black
Stick Length 54 in.
Paddle Length 21 in.
Hockey Model Family AX9
Curve TC2.5, TC4, MC