Vector is a lightweight steel shaft line that alters handle stiffness, geometry and weight between the R and S flex models creating optimized playing characteristics for each flex designation. The R-flex comes in an ultralight 80g model with a .580 butt diameter to promote easier shaft loading and increased wrist rotation through impact, while the S-flex comes in a lightweight 90g model with a standard .600 butt diameter allowing for increased handle stability.

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Tempo is not how fast you swing it, it is how you swing it fast. Tempo will affect how you load and unload the shaft and is a big factor in which shaft will best suit you. A player with a quicker backswing and more aggressive transition will have a faster tempo, while a player with a slower backswing and smoother transition will have a more deliberate tempo.



Trajectory is the flight of the ball and the peak height that the ball reaches. A player who struggles with getting the ball in the air should look towards a higher trajectory shaft, while a player who struggles hitting the ball too high should look for a lower trajectory shaft.



Spin is the amount of backspin that the ball has. The designs of certain golf shafts can promote more or less spin so keep this in mind when looking for a shaft to maximize your game.



Shaft Flex Weight Length Tip OD Butt OD Par. Tip Launch/Spin
Vector 80 R 85* 40" .370" .580" 13" High
Vector 90 S 95* 40" .370" .600" 11" High



Tip Trimming Guide

Please remember the following are general rules for assembling your clubs.

Butt trim shafts to finished length after tip trimming.

4i 5i 6i 7i 8i 9i W
0.5" 0.5" 1.0" 1.5" 2.0" 2.5" 3.0"





More Information
Golf - Model Name Vector
Golf - Shaft Type Iron Shaft
Flex R, S
Golf - Material Steel
Golf - Tip Diameter .370 Parallel Tip
Golf - Trajectory/Spin High
Golf - Weight Class Less than 100g
Color Silver